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These photos alone make me want to visit this gorgeous city that’s bursting with culture, flavor and style. I always talk about making a mad dash somewhere exotic to revive me from the grueling winters in Portland. Maybe I’ll splurge for Rio…

(via Garance Doré)

(via Endangered Eden)

(via the Sartorialist)

(via the Sartorialist)

(via Style.com)

Gorgeous people, beautiful beaches, wild nightlife and a zest for life. What more could you ask for?


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Urban Playground

dress Sarah Seven. shoes RYZ.

dress Emilia Kaye. shoes RYZ.

dress Sarah Seven. shoes RYZ.

skirt Emilia Kaye. leotard American Apparel. shoes RYZ.

shirt Emily Katz. skirt Emilia Kaye. shoes RYZ. t-shirts Royal Fits. sunglasses RAEN.

bustier Emilia Kaye. shoes RYZ. t-shirts Royal Fits. sunglasses RAEN.

Photos by Peter Greene

Styling by Alison Nicole Grisé

Makeup by Carolyn Hamm

Hair by Megan Rabe

Models: Jillian Rabe and Raw Action Bboys

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Tales of the Weekend

| T likes to wake J up on Saturday morning. |

| I picked this book up at New Renaissance and couldn’t put it down. |

| Date night! Portland Trail Blazers game. |

| Cat naps on a lazy Sunday afternoon. |

What a lovely weekend! Is it Friday, yet??

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To. Die. For.

Lace-up Boots by Swedish Hasbeens

I just got these today, and I am absolutely obsessed with them. They are worker woman meets sexy mama. These will definitely be in my closet for years to come. Love. Love. Love.

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Kai looking silly in her 3D glasses.

Too bad she’s only 2. No Avatar for this precious one.

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3D glasses on. Ready to go.

Before Christmas, J and I, like the rest of the general population, headed to the movie theater to see if Avatar in 3D was really worth all the raving. And let me tell you, it was more than worth it. Avatar goes where no other movie has ever gone. To the land of my dreams! The incredible, life-like animation surpasses any animation I have ever seen. The vibrant neon colors in the jungle on the planet of Pandora combined with the sheer hotness of leading lady, Neytiri, played by real-life hottie Zoe Saldana, is almost too much to handle. Let’s just say walking out to your car after two and a half hours of watching this gem leaves you a little perplexed. Personally, I was wondering why we had to ride around in a car in the first place.

On Pandora, you can jet just about anywhere on your own personal dragon. What really got me was the amazing connection with mother nature that the Na’vi respect and make the central focus of their lives. Back on Earth, there is much to be learned from these fictional beings. Respect and loyalty to the other inhabitants of this planet should be our duty. As humans, we are special unlike all other creatures on Earth. We owe it to ourselves and other living things to defend and preserve all natural habitats and ecosystems from the harm we are currently causing. Planet Earth is a unique, amazingly beautiful place that we are lucky enough to inhabit. Now, let’s show it some respect.

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Through My Eyes

|splish! splash!|

|bubble gum yum|

|northwest fresh|

|thug life|

|long road home|

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